Service Station

T.: +371 67562222 Riga, 3, Smerla Str., LV-1006 Pr.-Pk.:9:00-18:00; Se.:10:00-14:00; Sv.:slēgts.

Air conditioner during the summer and WI-FI


Replacement of glass within 2-3 hours


Service work warranty 1 year


Tasty coffee free of charge

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Vejstikli performs various services and repair work related to the glazing of cars.

  • Installation of auto glass
  • Installation of auto glass and removal of cracks ( on call )
  • Repair of cracks and scratches
  • Inserting a trailer and car glass for commercial vehicles
  • Installation of side windows
  • Help in system calibration
  • Ordering and installation of armored glass
  • Ordering and installation of exclusive and retro auto glass
  • Manufacturing and installation of special glass
  • Windshield treatment with NANO coating
  • Sealing
  • Headlight polishing
  • Tinting