Calibration of rain and light sensors and cameras

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Modern cars are often equipped with driver support systems such as traffic sign detection cameras, night vision cameras, safe interval cameras, etc. are available in the market. Such new technology devices should be calibrated in all cases in order to ensure due and accurate functioning of ones.

For instance, if a safe interval camera is not calibrated after change, there is big probability that your car will not be able to accurately read the distance from an obstacle before doing a emergency break.

If a windshield has not been calibrated, the high beam sensor will fail to read the correct angle from the lights of an oncoming vehicle, and your car will be not able to switch to the low beam precisely.

Rain sensor is a widely used electric device that, without calibration after windshield changes, may perform the function intended inaccurately or fail to perform at all.

Many of such sensors functions following the photo principle: when rain drops or some dust appear on the glass, the sensor gets a snapshot, and the windshield wipers start to work. If the sensitivity of a sensor is not calibrated, the windshield wipers may work all the time or, in contrary, may not work at all due to inability of the sensor to read by snapshot the correct clarity of the windshield.

Vejstikli offersa rain / light sensors and the camera calibration with the Hella Gutmann computer, which will ensure the proper operation and safety of the systems on the road.