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Auto Headlight Restoration

Lukturu Atjaunošana

Why choose to reinstate the headlights for your car?

All car headlights are already industrially treated with an original UV coating that is applied with a special device.

However, over time, sunlight generates a slow oxidation of the surface of the headlights and makes them cloudy matt or stacked, which looks not only visually bad, but actually limits the brightness of the lights. When this happens, there are only two options – to change the lights or to renew them. offers auto light restoration. The lamps are polished, and then we apply a special resins made on a polymer basis. This coating has been developed in conjunction with known automotive suppliers, and is independently tested for expansion, light transmittance and color fastness, and is resistant to temperature fluctuations. This method provides optically clear and durable auto lights.

Lamp renewal is a very cost effective, economically viable option for keeping old lights, and giving them to once again help you see the road with crystal clear transparency.