Warranty Conditions

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VĒJSTIKLI Ltd undertakes to provide warranty under the following conditions:

1. The warranty guarantees that 12 (twelve) months after the delivery of the vehicle repair works to the customer, Vējstikli Ltd will free of charge troubleshoot defects that derive from poor quality spare parts, errors in service work, usage of wrong materials, or wrong procedures.

2. The warranty period is 12 (twelve) months from the moment of the delivery of the vehicle repair works to the customer, except if Vējstikli Ltd or the manufacturer of the spare parts has prescribed an extended warranty period.

3. Defects detected on the vehicle, during the warranty period, that derive from reasons stated in paragraph 1 of the warranty statement will be taken care of either by replacing the defective spare part, or by carrying out appropriate repair work of the vehicle.

4. During the warranty period, the warranty conditions for the replaced spare parts, or the repair work carried out do not change and the period is not extended.

5. The warranty shall not apply to natural abrasion wear and depreciation. It shall either not apply to glass scratches, marks, body damage, damage to paint or varnish coating and other mechanical damage that has been caused after the delivery of the vehicle to the user. All claims are guaranteed before the vehicle leaves the repair shop.

6. The warranty does not apply to used, repaired, or supplied by the customer spare parts, as well as new spare parts if the vehicle has been involved in an accident, that influences the strength of the body, correct geometry of the body, if there is corrosion and in other similar cases.

7. The warranty applies only to those vehicle repair services and those replaced spare parts that have been indicated in the repair work cost estimate attached to this statement or in the service assignment, or the invoice and correspond to conditions set out in this statement.

8. Upon occurrence of the warranty event, the customer should turn to the repair shop within 3 working days and present the vehicle. If the client, before turning to Vējstikli Ltd, will have themselves, or by third parties, taken any action directly or indirectly directed at the object of the service, including additions to or improvements of the repair, they lose their right to lodge any claims to Vējstikli Ltd about non-conformity of the service with quality requirements and to receive any reimbursements related to them.

The terms used in the warranty statement correspond to the terms used in the General Rules for Vehicle Repair Services and issues and legal relationships that have not been laid down and covered in this statement shall be addressed in accordance with the General Rules for Vehicle Repair Services and the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.

The warranty issued in this warranty statement does not affect the customer right of action laid down in the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia.